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We are pleased to honor Norman and Marcia z”l LaPoff – Rosalie and Larry Berman

Mazel Tov! – The Sherman Family

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In honor of Norman LaPoff & Marcia LaPoff z”l | We ae so happy to share this special day with you. You have been part of this congregation since you were a boy. A member since you became a Bar Mitzvah. A valuable leader for many years. You and your beloved wife are deeply loved by this congregation. Thank you for your inspiration. Mazel Tov | – Vicki & Bobby Rosenblith

To Norman LaPoff and Marcia of blessed memory. Thank you for your contributions to the Jewish community and dedication to Temple Emanuel | – Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel of North Jersey

Thank you to our parents, Marcia z”l and Norman for your strong leadership example. Your lifelong devotion to Temple Emanuel and Jewish Life has been an inspiration to our family!  We love you!  | – Cathy and Bruce, Samantha, Jeremy and Amanda, Rachel and Simon, Julia, Caroline and Shoshana

In honor of our cousins Norman LaPoff and his wife Marcia of blessed memory.  | – Judy and Peter Ellen, Suzanne and Arthur Mahler

Congratulations to the LaPoff family for receiving this honor | – Lynda & Allan Braunstein

Congratulations and Best Wishes | – Marcia and Ed Berkowitz

“When a man loves his wife as himself, and honors her more than himself, and guides his children in the right path, scripture says of him: “You shall know that you dwell in peace.” – Talmud, Yevamot 62B |Best Wishes and Blessings of Peace to our esteemed member Norman LaPoff. Fondly remembering Marcia LaPoff. Her memory is a blessing | – Rabbi Joseph H. Prouser & Dr. Ora Horn Prouser

Yael Israel and Ray English fondly honor and thank NORMAN LAPOFF and his wife MARCIA z”l of Temple Emanuel of North Jersey Franklin Lakes on the occasion of TENJ’s Gala Champagne Brunch, May 28, 2017 for their generosity and support to TENJ and extend warm wishes to Rabbi & Ora Prouser and all of TENJ’s Members and Sponsors