Kabbalat Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat is a time in which we welcome the sanctity of Shabbat together and transition from our every day to our Shabbat selves. Services are held on Friday nights three times a month.  They begin at 7:30pm and typically conclude by 8:30pm, unless there is a community dinner, in which case services begin at 6;30pm followed by dinner at 7:30pm, or “My Shabbat” program which begins at 5:45pm.  “My Shabbat” services will include a program of singing and storytelling for young children (through Grade 3 or so), who are welcome to attend their their pajamas! After “Lecha Dodi” children participate in a special “Oneg Shabbat” program as the congregational service continues.

Services are followed by an Oneg Shabbat program, refreshments, and socializing.  Please check our calendar and home page for additional event information.  Weekly candle lighting times and Torah portion readings are also found on our website calendar.

We use the Siddur Sim Shalom prayerbook. Feel free to follow in English or bring additional readings to help create a spiritual foundation for your prayers.

All our services are led by Rabbi Joseph Prouser and members of the community.  If you are interested in a role in the service, please be in touch with Rabbi Prouser.