We are a warm, close-knit community-oriented congregation.  We welcome – and we are – individuals, couples, and families with children of all ages, students, interfaith families, and spiritual seekers. Come pray with us at our traditional, egalitarian services, learn with us, grow with us, and become a part of our community!

Benefits of Membership
Become a member and help support our community and our work together.

  •  Engage in meaningful and spiritual prayer
  •  Deepen your knowledge and practice through high quality adult Jewish study
  •  Join a community that enjoys each other’s company
  • Develop our community by participating in our communal activities and committees
  • Receive the merit of sustaining our Jewish community socially and financially
  • Be inspired by our beautiful surroundings – we are situated at the foot of High Mountain overlooking the Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve

We appreciate your financial contribution which helps us to better serve our community together.  Our membership fees support our work and are not intended to be an impediment to full participation in our community. Please feel free to discuss any dues adjustments or payment plans with the President, Membership Vice President, or our office staff.   Introductory dues for new members and associate memberships are also available.

Membership Application.