Prayer Services

Shabbat services are typically held three Friday nights a month and every Saturday morning.  Join us – new participants and guests are always welcome!

  • Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services
    7:30pm – 8:30pm *
    followed by Oneg Shabbat program, refreshments, and socializing
    *NOTE: Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services on evenings on which there is a community Shabbat dinner begin at 6:30pm;
    “My Shabbat” services begin at 5:45pm and include a program of singing and storytelling for young children, who are welcome to attend in pajamas! Please see the calendar or Friday evening service schedule for dates.
    – Times for festivals and Holiday evening services vary
  • Saturday morning Shabbat services
    9:30am – approximately 12 noon
    followed by Shabbat Kiddush (light lunch) and socializing

Please check our calendar and home page for additional event information.  Weekly candle lighting times and Torah portion readings are also found on our website calendar.

All men are required to cover their heads while in the sanctuary, and it is traditional to do so during other activities within the building.  Kippot (head coverings, also known as yarmulkes) are available just inside the entrance to the synagogue.  It is traditional for Jewish men to wear a tallit (prayer shawl) during worship; non-Jewish men do not.

Jewish women may choose to wear a head covering, including a kippah, and tallit (prayer shawl), but are not required to do so.

Friday night services are held three times each month.

Friday night services are generally about an hour long. We sing Kabbalat Shabbat and then continue with Maariv. The service, while mostly in Hebrew, does include some readings in English.

Second Fridays Family Shabbat brings together family and friends for Shabbat services at 6:30 PM and a festive community dinner at 7:30 PM.  Please RSVP to the office by Monday of that week.  $18 per adult, $8 per child 6-13, children 5 and under free.  Maximum charge per family is $50.

Oneg with Ora, A bi-monthly Friday night series exploring innovative approaches to understanding the Bible with Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, Executive Vice President and Dean, Professor of Bible, The Academy for Jewish Religion, and author of Esau’s Blessing: How the Bible Embraces Those with Special Needs. Follows TENJ’s Friday 7:30pm Friday evening services.  Free and open to the public.

Shabbat Morning Services

Shabbat morning services are held every week. They begin at 9:30 AM and continue through approximately 12 noon. Our full Torah reading is followed by a d’var Torah (Torah teaching) about the weekly Torah reading. We conclude our service with Musaf. Kiddush is open to all with a light lunch and social atmosphere.

We use the Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary Bible and the Siddur Sim Shalom prayerbook.

All our services are led by Rabbi Joseph Prouser and members of the community.  If you are interested in a role in the service, please be in touch with Rabbi Prouser.


Please check our calendar and home page for holiday schedules.

Shiva or Yahrzeit Minyan

For those in our community who are sitting shiva or who would like to recite Kaddish for yahrtzeit (memorial of a loved one), we can arrange services at your request. Simply contact our office and staff can assist you. Please notify us as soon as possible regarding such needs and provide us at least one week’s notice for yahrtzeit requests so that we are better able to support you.