Sponsor Kiddush or Oneg

Every Shabbat, we enjoy each other’s company after services over a lovely oneg Shabbat on Friday nights and a lingering kiddush on Saturdays. Sponsoring an oneg Shabbat or kiddush is a wonderful way to share your joy and support Temple Emanuel at the same time. You can honor a person, remember a loved one, celebrate a simcha, or jointly sponsor refreshments with a group of friends.

We welcome sponsorship of and contributions toward Shabbat kiddush on Saturdays and Friday night oneg Shabbat.

Please contribute by sponsoring a kiddush or oneg Shabbat for $180 or help subvent the cost by contributing an amount of your choosing.  You can also assist with providing food directly.  Please contact the office for additional information, including kashrut requirements and to arrange a date!